The aims of first aid – the three Ps

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  1. Jeff says:

    The three Ps have been part of first aid training for as long as i have delivered training, 1996. But still as relevant today as then.

  2. katews says:

    This is such a vital thing for everyone to keep in mind and it’s always been a good base to begin any first aid training.

    I think the “Prevent” part is the one where most untrained people end up making a mistake … i.e. moving an accident casualty who shouldn’t be moved… so much damage can be done not remembering that.

  3. Chanjan says:

    prevent deterioration can also mean prevent further injury. This can be to the victim, others but also yourself. An example would be a car accident with electrical wires. The prevent part would be to warn others not to go near the vehicle while live wires are on the scene. This is also part of the DRSABCD Danger. Checking for Danger firstly to yourself, to others and the patient. Preventing further injury.

    • John Furst says:

      Hi Chanjan, thats a great point. Preventing further injury is definitely an important part of a first aiders role. Thank you for your comment!

      Kind regards,

  1. August 24, 2015

    […] Specifically the three P’s acronym Preserve life Prevent further injury and Promote recovery ( After completing the course I believe that If I was to be In a situation which required me to […]

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