First Aid Kits Our recommendations

Choosing a first aid kit can be difficult. On this page, our team of first aid instructors have identified the top first aid kits on the market currently. 

When choosing a first aid kit, think carefully about your requirements before purchasing. All the first aid kits listed on this page contain the essential first aid items. 

Personal first aid kits

Personal first aid kits are useful to have around the home or to take away when travelling. Here’s our top picks for personal first aid kits currently available:

Car / vehicle first aid kits

Everyone should have at least a basic first aid kit in their car. In some countries, it is required by law to have a basic first aid kit with you. 

Travel first aid kits

A small first aid kit is an essential item when travelling, especially to countries where basic medical supplies may not be easily available. 

Remember to pack enough of your own medication for your trip! A travel first aid kit is a handy place to store any prescription medicines. 

Sports first aid kits

Competitive sports, especially contact sports, are a common cause of injuries. These sports first aid kits will provide the essential items required to deal with sporting injuries.

Musculoskeletal injuries (eg: sprains, strains and fractures) are common sporting injuries. Make sure your first aid kit contains enough supplies to manage these injuries. 

Pet first aid kits

Specialist first aid kits are available for pets. These contain all the items you need in order to treat basic wounds and other minor injuries.