Find your nearest community defibrillator (UK)

Public access defibrillators (Don’t know what a defibrillator is? Check out our guide – What is a Defibrillator?) are instrumental in improving out of hospital cardiac arrest survival.

Recently, more and more defibrillators are being placed in community locations to be used before an ambulance arrives.

AED Locator (AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator) is a website compiling a map of public access defibrillators throughout the UK. Find out where your local lifesaving machine is!

The AED Locator website is dedicated to promoting the placement of Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) with 24 hour access so that life saving emergency defibrillators are available to everyone whenever they are required when a Cardiac Arrest is suspected.

The latest Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) now offer CPR Help and are built specifically for laypeople to use who may not have had any training.  Less than 5% of people survive with CPR alone but these odds are improved tenfold to 50% with the prompt use of an AED and effective CPR.

Want to brush up on your CPR knowledge? Check out our free online first aid course.

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  1. snegal says:

    Oh that’s rough, the nearest to where I live is quite a while away. Might have to see if we can get a community fundraiser going on to get on purchased. Thanks for the info!

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