Win a copy of the new first aid manual! (10th edition)

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  1. Ecka6 says:

    I’m assuming that since we’ve discovered that the baby isn’t breathing, that we have followed most of the mnemonic DR ABC, therefore the next step would be to immediately start CPR.
    Start by giving five rescue breaths, which should only be small puffs from your cheeks, not from your lungs. Do this by covering the baby’s mouth and nose with your mouth.
    After this, put two of your fingers in the middle of their chest, and give them 30 chest compressions. After every 30 compressions, give two more rescue breaths.
    If at this point 999 still hasn’t been called because you are alone, call them then resume CPR until the ambulance arrives.

  2. Renefrit says:

    You should see if the baby responds to touch and check for obstructed airways.

  3. Wisamanwer says:

    open air way and do cbr

  4. gael says:

    Sad I cant have 1! 🙁

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