What is the first aid treatment for a small cut?

First aid for a small cutThe first aid treatment for a small cut is very simple but important! Small cuts and grazes can be entry points for infection so it is important to treat a small cut correctly.

Here’s our suggested first aid treatment for a small cut or graze:

Stop any bleeding

Your first aim is to stop any bleeding. Even small cuts can bleed quite a lot! Use direct pressure over the cut and elevation to slow down and stop bleeding. 

Clean the cut

It is important to ensure the cut is clean before covering with a dressing. You can use antiseptic wipes or running water & gauze to clean a cut.

If you cut is heavily contaminated then you will need to seek additional medical attention to clean out the cut.

Cover with a sterile dressing

Covering the cut with a dressing such as a plaster or adherent dressing will protect the area from germs and infection. Ensure you choose a dressing large enough to cover the cut. 

Be warned – some people can be allergic to plasters.

When applying the dressing try not to touch the sterile pad with your hands!

Seek medical attention if concerned

Seek medical attention if:

  • The cut is large
  • The cut is contaminated/dirty
  • The bleeding does not stop
  • The area starts to show signs of infection (pain, swelling, redness, pus)



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