Free online courses for first aiders

First aiders have a responsibility to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date. There are a number of online courses that you can use for your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Some of these go beyond the ‘expected’ knowledge of a first aider, how they may useful for members of the voluntary sector (who may be looking to progress to ambulance level) or those who are interested.


CardiAcademy is a training package from Cardiac Science, a manufacturer of defibrillators. They have quite a neat course on the heart which provides a good introduction and explains the concept of defibrillation. The course is free, you just need to fill out your details. They also have a course on how to use one of their defibrillators (Powerheart AED G3).

Discover Entonox

Discover Entonox is a free online course from BOC, who supply & manufacture Entonox. Entonox (known colloquially as “gas and air”) is a painkilling gas comprised of 50% Oxygen and 50% Nitrous Oxide. Entonox is used widely by the voluntary sector and private companies (as well as state ambulance services) as it is safe and easy to use. This course goes into the detail behind how Entonox works, and its clinical applications and contra-indications.

Once again, you need to register and provide your details (prepare for the promotional e-mails!). The course itself is quite long, don’t expect to sit down and complete it in 15 minutes! However overall this is an excellent resource for those interested in the background science.


clicktosave is a free online “crash course” in first aid produced by St John Ambulance Australia. The course is aimed at people who haven’t done first aid before, it focussed on your role as a first aider and essential lifesaving skills (helping an unconscious person, dealing with major bleeding). However this is a useful resource for any first aider who feels that they need their basic skills refreshing.

Anatomy and Physiology resources

You can find a listing of useful anatomy resources on our Anatomy & Physiology page.

Other first aid resources

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