CPR Test – check your CPR knowledge!

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  1. katews says:

    That was very interesting! I didn’t do very badly, but it certainly wasn’t the best either, so I have a lot of brushing up to do. I got 13/20 in the adult CPR and 12/15 on the choking quiz.

    The need for a hospital thing in the choking quiz threw me… is it saying that every time something is dislodged after getting stuck in the airway, a hospital visit is necessary? I’ve never heard that one before… could I have clarification on that?

    • rob_lloyd14 says:

      I did learn that a hospital visit is necessary, after using the Abdominal thrusts (formerly called Heimlich Manoeuvre). This is because of the pressure exerted on the abdomin, plus the possibility of a fractured / broke rib or ribs.

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