What does PLUSDICT stand for in first aid?

PLUSDICT is a first aid acronym used to help first aiders remember the key signs and symptoms of a fracture (broken bone). There are lots of acronyms and mnemonics in first aid training, we’ve listed some of the common ones on our first aid training page.

Fractures (broken bones) are relatively common injuries. First aiders need to be confident in assessing injuries and spotting the key signs and symptoms of a fracture.

What does PLUSDICT stand for?

PLUSDICT stands for:

  • Pain 
  • Loss of Power and/or movement
  • Unnatural movement
  • Swelling and/or bruising
  • Deformity 
  • Irregularity 
  • Crepitus
  • Tenderness 

When assessing a potential fracture, it’s important to remember that not all of these signs and symptoms may be present. However, PLUSDICT is a useful tool to remember the most important signs and symptoms of a fracture.

Many of these signs and symptoms could also be caused by a sprain/strain or other soft tissue injuries. It is impossible to rule out a fracture without professional medical assessment including potential x-rays. Always seek professional medical advice as missed fractures can cause long term complications and delay recovery.

John Furst

JOHN FURST is an experienced emergency medical technician and qualified first aid and CPR instructor. John is passionate about first aid and believes everyone should have the skills and confidence to take action in an emergency situation.

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