Suggested contents of a first aid box

What should you keep in your first aid box? First aid at work online course

There’s no easy answer to this question. The contents of a first aid box will depend on the environment the box is going to be used in. For example, a first aid box at home may contain different items to a first aid box required in a workplace. 

Here’s our suggested contents of a first aid box. Remember you will need to carry out a risk assessment and may need to alter the contents of your first aid box.

When choosing a first aid box ensure you choose one which can be mounted easily on a wall / hard surface and one which has a durable hard cover to protect the medical equipment inside. 

First aid box suggested contents

Item Quantity
First Aid Guidance Leaflet (up to date) 1
Pairs of Gloves (Nitrile) 10
Antiseptic Wipes 30
‘Tuff Kut’ scissors / shears 1
Microporous hypoallergenic tape 1
CPR Face shield 1
Foil blanket 2
Triangular bandages (sterile) 3
Conforming bandage 2
Eye pad 3
Large wound dressings (sterile) 2
Medium wound dressings (sterile) 6
Assorted plasters 40

Looking after your first aid box

Your first aid box should be checked on a regular basis to ensure the contents are stocked, not damaged and in-date. All sterile items now come with an expiry date.

If the box is going to be used in the workplace then a member of staff should take responsibility for checking the first aid box on a regular basis.

Ensure the first aid box is located in an accessible place (not locked away!) with adequate signage. 

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