Record keeping and documentation for first aiders

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  1. theshaynee says:

    We were taught extensively about this in technical training.
    I love medical terminology and always have. It’s handy to know the abbreviations and meanings.
    We also learned about charting and signs and symptoms.
    Great post! Definitely sharing.

  2. cpefley says:

    Thank you for this list! I knew a few of those abbreviations, but most of them I did not. Great to know shorthand, because it makes it so much easier to jot down in an emergency. Definitely a great list to memorize!

  3. TPhoenix says:

    This makes plenty of sense for any medically aiding individual to know. I am glad you provided these medical abbreviations. I had zero clue about most of them, so I ended up learning something today.

  4. chellebaeby says:

    I am a nurse and documentation is stressed in nursing school. It is hard to remember events in your head, especially in an emergency situation. I always try to remember the most important things and if I can write down the rest as soon as possible. It is useful when the EMTs arrive on the scene. You can quickly give a report.

  5. katews says:

    Good list and totally important for anyone doing first aid to be familiar with.

    Is fracture no longer Fx?

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