Online senior first aid course

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  1. dianeorth says:

    Thanks for the knowledge and having not to pay for it.

  2. Diane Orth says:

    Great opportunity for life saving knowledge .

  3. waheedsofi says:

    Thank’s for Starting such a wonderful blog … We can safe million of lifes by learning such Important Information .

  4. markkling says:

    Thanks, Mr. Furst. Well done courses. While medical care here in Thailand is quite good; most ordinary citizens know zero about First Aid. Too many motorcycle accidents to count. Lots of folks seem to wait until they go on holiday to have a heart attack, too. Best wishes!

  5. anthonywalsh says:

    Thank you John great site .this site could make a big difference to someone’s life

  6. edeli33 says:

    Did I pass it

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