The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) for first aiders

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  1. Thanks for sharing this important information here with us.

  2. cpefley says:

    Never heard of the Glasgow Coma Scale, but that is a really great way to determine whether or not a head injury is severe before a CT scan can be performed. Thanks for sharing!

  3. theshaynee says:

    I didn’t know there were different levels to a coma.
    It makes complete sense though because it’s all based on how bad or intense the injury was.

  4. david rotbasean says:


  5. Francino says:

    nice, especially the dancing part… but moderate injury is 9 to 12 and not 8 to 12, and mild is 13 to 15, not 12 to 15, please amend that… 😉

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