First aid games

First aid games can be a great to include on any first aid course. Here’s some free first aid games for you to download and use when teaching first aid.

First aid word search

> Download (PDF): First aid word search

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  1. Alannah says:

    this is fantastic…..

  2. elizabeth74 says:

    just logged on to your first aid not sure of all the answers but managed to answer the first four correct on one of the quizzes

  3. sure polela says:

    Its really amazing. I did it, and the knowledge gained is really helpful regarding my career as a an aviation rescuer, first aider and firefighter. Thanks onlineFAFF team.

  4. Theresa Hand says:

    Excellent way of learning first aid.

  5. Emmaekim says:

    Awesome -knowledge with applied information is power,every one needs this training.thank you..ow do I download and print the certificate?


    Amazing life saving modules. Keep the flag flying.

  7. ciro says:

    thank you for the coure it is very nice

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