Anatomy and Physiology for first aiders USEFUL WEBSITES

Anatomy diagramHere are some useful anatomy & physiology resources for first aiders. Obviously, many of these go beyond the expected knowledge of a first aider, however they make for interesting reading, particularly for first aid trainers/instructors who sometimes have to answer tricky questions.

If you know of any good anatomy & physiology websites for first aiders then please do leave a comment.


> Anatomy & Physiology for first aiders – excellent, but quite lengthy, resource aimed at first aiders

> Youtube: Anatomy for beginners (not for the faint hearted!)

> National Cancer Institute: Anatomy & Physiology module

> University of Leeds: Human Biology course notes

Heart and circulation (cardiovascular system)

> British Heart Foundation: How your heart works

> American Heart Association: Heart conditions

> Cardiovascular consultants: Heart anatomy

Respiratory system

> British Lung Foundation: The way your lungs work

Muscles & bones (musculoskeletal)

> Skeletal system: photographs

> Get body smart: Skeletal system

The brain and nervous system

> Brain Science Podcast: A Brief Introduction to Brain Anatomy

> Interactive Biology: An introduction to the Nervous System


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