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Advanced Online First Aid CourseWelcome to our free online advanced first aid course! Anyone can take this courseย to further their first aid knowledge.

We strongly recommend you have completed our basic online first aid courseย before starting this advanced first aid course.

Simply work your way through the advanced online first aid modules below. You will need to create a profile (register) and login if you haven’t already done so.

Advanced online first aid course

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Here are the modules for our advanced online first aid course. This course provides more detail on a variety of first aid topics including taking observations, medical conditions and minor injuries.

Please remember to mark all the modules as completed, you will receive a certificate upon completion of this course.

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Module 1 Roles and responsibilities of a first aider
Roles and responsibilities of a first aider
Unit 1 Responsibilities of a first aider
Unit 2 Record keeping and documentation
Unit 3 Taking a pulse
Unit 4 Taking a respiratory rate
Unit 5 The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)
Unit 6 Module 1 quiz
Module 2 Medical conditions
Medical conditions
Unit 1 Heart attack
Unit 2 Anaphylaxis
Unit 3 Stroke
Unit 4 Diabetes
Unit 5 Seizures
Unit 6 Asthma
Unit 7 Module 2 quiz
Module 3 Traumatic injuries
Traumatic injuries
Unit 1 Fractures
Unit 2 Module 3 quiz
Module 4 Minor injuries
Minor injuries
Unit 1 Cuts and grazes
Unit 2 Dog bites
Unit 3 Fainting
Unit 4 Nosebleeds
Unit 5 Wasp stings
Unit 6 Module 4 quiz

Please remember to mark all the modules as completed otherwise you will not be able to download your advanced first aid certificate. Modules marked as completed will have a green tick next to them above. If you experience any problemsย please visit our help pages.

By accessing this course you agree to the terms of our medical disclaimer.

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  1. sukhjinder says:

    how to print a certificate

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    Cling the button that says download certificate and down load it your computer. Find the file that has your certificate, bring it up on the monitor and print it out.

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    is there an expiration date for the certificates?

  4. Epiphane says:

    Thanks John for this nice course. I used it as a refresher. I’ll come here very often!

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    hi module for bog bite can’t open .all other module I have finished

  6. WAYNE GREEN says:

    Thank you for having a great internet site it is great to up date. thank you Wayne Green Hervey Bay Qld Aust.

  7. moon92 says:

    Very good and knowledge able course..


    Hi, john nice training. But in advanced first aid course dog bite unit is not opening please check it. GOD bless you nice work add more courses.


    The unit can’t open at all


    When am trying to open dog bite unit, it says Error, problem reading from the server, please correct the error so that we cn get certificate.

  11. Tia says:

    Thank you for this site! Really helpful ๐Ÿ™‚ I am now the proud owner of the Advanced First Aid Course certificate.

  12. Marin Alvarado says:

    CPR is also included in this course right?

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    Hi john, kindly include all my names on the certificate as per my profile thank lencer

    • John Furst says:

      Hi there,
      If you update your name in your profile (add first name/last name etc.) then it should appear on your certificate if you download it again

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    Thank you alot for this incredible site and for your great effort.

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    I have online basic course thanks.
    i will try to complete all others course also.
    is this certificate is use full to show in company


  18. andrea holmes says:

    Hi, I’m really enjoying this so far, two nights ago I actually saved a life problem was I was feeling my way through it, that’s what made me decide to take the course, so thank you , I’ll be better prepared if there is a next time

  19. andrea holmes says:

    Ok just completed advance course what next

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    My name is Bryan I am from New Zealand I have been involved in First Aid since 19-69 and Fire service rescuesince1982 still going I found your training units are excellent the only lose is the hands on experience



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    It was a nice experience while going through this online course. My knowledge being updated and I am quite sure this information will help if any accident happens. We always feel proud if we by any means helps the Society. Thanks Sir. I will try to complete all of above recommended courses. Hoping for Hands on Training.

  28. helen et says:

    fab website and nice easy to understand courses with great info. have done basic 1st aid, aed course and just about to start advanced course. they are great. thankyou

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    I really learned some valuable information with this on line First -Aid course. There are other sites that are charging you a fee for the same information.
    Thanks for providing this free training. I will continue on with the Advance First Aid Course.

  30. joe acarnley says:

    Hi John
    I have completed the basic first aid course and have saved my certificate to my computer. really looking forward to complete the advanced first aid course tomorrow and hoping to go on to do all of the rest of the courses on this site. Is the courses are up to date and are they up to British red cross standards of training

  31. troyeclamp says:

    i have completed the basic and now the advanced but can not download the advanced certificate

    • John Furst says:

      Hi there, you need to mark all the modules as completed (so that they have a green tick next to them) before you are emailed your first aid certificate. Hope this helps!


  32. diane.virostko says:

    Click the complete button before you click the next button. Solves a few issue. (I had to go back and re-click a few modules). I took the Basic first aid course. Good review. Next will be the advanced, don’t know if I’ll ever see most of the issues covered, but better safe than sorry.

  33. viking says:

    that was interesting as i have not done any first aid training for a long time

  34. simone paul says:

    I cant open my cert, its in my downloads but

    • John Furst says:

      Hi there,

      If you continue to have problems downloading your first aid certificate then please use our contact form to get in touch

      Kind regards,

  35. helen et says:

    hi there
    another huge thankyou for another great course. have just completed the advanced online course, thoroughly enjoyed it !!!so informative and interesting…i now feel equipped to deal with many first aid problems……so , im now going to start the paediatric course
    thankyou again…its invaluable
    kind regards

  36. Rd says:

    i was looking for a site for me to book online for PHTLS and ATCN course and fortunately i came across with this great site. it helps a lot. more than i expect. many thanks.

    best regards,

  37. glenys5103 says:

    Hi! Do you have a free CPR course?? Thanks

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    we need to learn CPR method please

  39. Safa says:

    Hi john
    My name is Safa and when I’m old enough I really want to become a paedeactric surgeon
    Sorry if peadeactric is spelt wrong!!
    I really love your course it’s really helped me and my future career please make more of these courses they’re really enjoyable !
    I finished it all within 3 days !!! I’m really happy that I have certificates to prove I’m a good first aider and mini doctor
    stay cool

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    Could you please add first aid for drowned person? Website is very helpful… kindly also make online certificate for pass candidate…

  46. Bprimary2015 says:

    Am Joseph Muthuri Aron.Thanks for this course.Am now advanced As a volunteer first aider in my lovely county Kenya

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    Am Aquilla Mapenzi Mangalo a pupil at BAMBA primary sch Kenya.Happy to learn first aid with my lovely teacher Mr.Muthuri online.Am now a better first aider.

  48. Bprimary2015 says:

    Maua,Rehema KITSAO,Neema KITSAO,Mariam Asherine,Khadija minyaru ,Emily ,Rajab and pendo.We are scout s from Bamba primary in Kenya.Thanks Mr. Muthuri for helping us learn first aid online.We promise to use these skills to help Others.

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    really thank you for this great service ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Is it possible to change the name on the certificat to a first and last name instead of our login info?

    • John Furst says:

      Hi there,

      If you update your name in your site profile then it will update on your certificate if you download the certificate again. Hope this helps!


  51. Ianj says:

    Just wanted to say I really appreciate the basic and advanced first aid courses. My son and I used them as part of our health curriculum for homeschooling. This is so much more beneficial then just a regular health book, and he would not admit it, but I think he enjoyed it. Such a great free resource. Thank you very much.

  52. Lynn Pittman says:

    Question: Can I come back once a year and retake the course as a refresher?

  53. Shellybailey says:

    Thanks for the privilege to take this course for free and receive a certificate at the end. I really wanted to do a first aid course recently bit wad unable to do so. Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. MOON says:

    I had always wanted to learn about First Aid given its importance in today’s life. I was flabbergasted to know how many people die around the world every year owing to no use of first aid. This website will help me a lot to have a better knowledge about life saving hacks as well as for people around me. Thank you.

  55. J Yeardly says:

    great site and very useful can I ask if you will be updating to the new 2015 protocols shortly ?

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    Thanks John for offering me this chance. I have completed basic & got certificate. I am proceeding with the advanced one. Thanks so much.

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    Thanks so much John for this I have completed the basic and going on to complete the advance thanks again


    thank you for this site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Simple and easy to understand material. I completed both basic and advanced first aid training. Hats off to your service to save lives!- Aaqarsh Aiyyar, Chennai- India

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    Thank you john! for this great site. very knowledgeable indeed!

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    Thank you very much, i have completed basic first aid course and also downloaded cirtificate.

  66. Sherryengle says:

    How long is the certificate good for and does employers except it

    • John Furst says:

      Hi there,

      As there is no skills assessment our certificate does not have an expiry date. We would suggest reviewing the material every year.

      John & the team

  67. berihun says:

    wow so perfect brief & clear lecture keep doing sir thank you so much.

  68. margaret brown says:

    did those free modules back in 2015 –can i do them again to revise and get new certificates –loved doing them and many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for advanced free online first aid course I enjoyed and learnt the basic and important first aid responses for different problems in day life that are obvious happen.

    Can you please confirm how I will receive the completion certificate thank you

  70. margaret brown says:

    Dear Sir–can i do the free first aid modules a second time and on completion get certificates as last time i did them was 2015

    many thanks

    P.S Don’t see anyway to delete my last answers

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    Thank you very much for such a great side. I revised a lot and learnt lots of useful things for free. I use my knowledge with confidence and as I am a teacher I am really grateful that I could use it with no strings attached.


    The course is comprehensive and easy to follow and apply in a day to day operations

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    Thanks John….. this is a awesome platfom to learn

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    Thanks John….excellent works. I wish more classroom training are epresentation like this.

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    • John Furst says:

      Hi there,

      As there is no skills assessment our certificate does not have an expiry date. We would suggest reviewing the material every year.

      John & the team

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    hi john i have completed 5 of your courses and have really enjoyed doing them and have learnt alote thank you john great courses.

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    Thank you for enabling me to Up-Date my Advanced First Aid skills if, it needs verification my employer will be encouraged to do that professionally although sadly resources do not endeavour to make that possible! But Thank you so much!!!! Well appreciated

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    Kia ora thank you for having this site available. It was clear, easy to understand and the guidelines were very helpful indeed. Most of our staff will benefit from this.

  85. KOREDE says:

    please can anyone help me out on how to download my certificate????

    • John Furst says:

      In order to download your certificate you need to make sure you have marked all the units as โ€˜completedโ€™. They should all appear with a green tick next to them on the course homepage.

      You can find out more on our help pages:

      Once youโ€™ve marked all the units as completed you will be emailed a link to download your certificate. Please note this email may take a couple of minutes to arrive. If you do not receive an email then please check your โ€˜spamโ€™ or โ€˜junkโ€™ box.

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