Welcome to our free online basic first aid course. Anyone can take this training online and learn more about lifesaving first aid. We provide this first aid training for no charge.Basic Online First Aid Course

Simply work your way through our online first aid modules below, you will need to create a profile (register) and login if you haven’t already done so.

Basic online first aid course

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Here are the modules for our online first aid course. You do not have to take them in a particular order, however if you are totally new to first aid it may help.

At the end of each module there is a first aid quiz where you can test your knowledge – enjoy! Once you’ve completed all the modules you can download a free first aid certificate.

By accessing this course you agree to the terms of our medical disclaimer. This is not a replacement for a practical first aid course

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Module 1 Introduction to first aid  
Introduction to first aid
Unit 1 Why learn first aid?
Unit 2 Aims of first aid
Unit 3 Incident management
Unit 4 Infection control
Unit 5 End of module 1 quiz
Module 2 The unconscious casualty  
How to help someone who is unconscious
Unit 1 The primary survey: DRAB
Unit 2 Unconscious and breathing: the recovery position
Unit 3 Unconscious and not breathing: CPR
Unit 4 End of module 2 quiz
Module 3 Blood loss and shock  
First aid for blood loss and shock
Unit 1 Major bleeding
Unit 2 Shock
Unit 3 Minor wounds
Unit 4 End of module 3 quiz
Module 4 Burns and scalds  
First aid for burns and scalds
Unit 1 Classification of burns
Unit 2 Treatment of burns
Unit 3 End of module 4 quiz

Please remember to mark all the modules as completed otherwise you will not be able to download your basic first aid certificate. Modules marked as completed will have a green tick next to them above. If you experience any problems please visit our help pages.

Advanced online first aid course

Completed the above course? Why not check out our new free online advanced first aid course. This course will build upon the training and content in the basic first aid course above and will help develop your knowledge of topics such as:Advanced Online First Aid Course

  • Medical conditions
  • Minor injuries
  • Patient assessment
  • Clinical observations
  • The roles and responsibilities of a first aider

As always you will receive a free first aid certificate once you complete the advanced course.