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Welcome! Firstaidforfree.com was born out of a desire to have a collection of easily accessible and relevant resources for first aiders of all skill levels. We also wish to promote first aid as an essential life skill for everyone.

In addition, we are aiming to build a library of resources for first aid trainers (quizzes, videos, presentations, worksheets, activities) to help in the delivery of first aid courses.

Our free online first aid courses are a great way to learn first aid from the comfort of your own home. 

Some things to check out:

> Our first aid tips blog

> First aid quizzes

> Resources for first aid trainers

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first aid n. (to the wounded) assistance given on the spot in the case of street-accidents and the like, before proper medical treatment is procured; also fig.

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  1. Linkzelda41 says:

    I’m definitely going to use this as a resource, and I look forward in scavenging as much information here as possible. I’ve read a few of your more recent blog posts on things pertaining to dock workers, handling cuts, and knowing how to save infants and toddlers. Means a lot that you all are putting this information here, and wish you all the best in your endeavors of educating first aiders!

  2. Lacey says:

    This is a great blog and first aid resource. For any one that comes across this I would definitely recommend it. It has a lot of really good topics and information that you can and most likely will actually use.

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